The 5th Annual Made in Maui County Festival will be held at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center on November 2 and 3, 2018. This is an opportunity for local businesses to showcase your made in Maui County products. Presented by the County of Maui Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and the Maui Chamber of Commerce, this two-day event is the largest products show in Maui County. 

Businesses who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply as a Product Vendor:

  • You must have their business based in Maui County.
  • Products for sale must be made, manufactured, grown and/or created in Maui County.
  • Products may include some source materials (minimum of 51% “Made in Hawaii” product valuation) made/found in the State of Hawaii.

The final deadline for all Product Vendor applications is May 31, 2018 by 4:30 pm.
Businesses will be notified of the MIMCF Selection Committee’s decision on or before July 13, 2018.

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Please note: Before filling out the form below, please download and save the PDF file to your computer by clicking the download button. Do not fill out the online form in your browser window, as it will not save your information from your browser to your computer. The application will download blank if you save it after filling it out in the browser window.

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To PRINT, click the printer icon. You can fill out the form digitally and then print yourself a copy, or print out a blank application to fill-out by hand.

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